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Founder & CEO // trader & quant

Ryan is a bitcoin early adopter and analyst. He has

10+ years trading and modeling emergent markets. He has previously founded and exited multiple tech startups. Clemson BS and MBA.


Ryan is based in Atlanta, GA.

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Partner, Business Operations & Software Security

Matt is a veteran cybersecurity and SaaS expert. He has 20+ years scaling VC backed technology companies and managing M&A and turnaround deals.

Matt is based in Atlanta, GA.


Partner, Finance & Business Development

Tom is a veteran capital markets expert. He has launched new financial products and has institutional derivatives experience at organizations like NEX, Deutsche Bank, and TD securities.

Tom is based in New York, NY.


CTO – Machine Learning & AI

Nick is a seasoned AI expert and open source AI contributor. He is a core contributing member on AI at StackOverflow. He has developed numerous AI frameworks and protocols. Find him: “ai-nick” on Github.


Nick is based in Sioux Falls, SD.


Lead Engineer – Markets & Liquidity

Jarett is a seasoned trading engineer with extensive experience in market analytics, liquidity engineering, trading automation and arbitrage software. He has numerous Medium and Hackernoon pieces on trading bots and has published several FOSS repos on Github.

Jarett is based in Nova Scotia, CAN.



Engineering Ops – Dev Ops Specialist

Chris has 15+ years in software architecture and devops automation. Chris brings expertise to the team in making development software operational and production-grade.

Chris is based in Greenville, SC.